By Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener

aboutthebookAn important part of childhood is exploring the world. What do things taste, feel, smell, sound like? What happens when you add red to blue, mix earth with water or drop a blob of paint from a great height? These childhood experiments are vital for development and provide hours of entertainment.

Recipes for Play contains easy and inexpensive ideas for engaging your child’s senses. Many wonderful hours can be spent playing with natural ingredients found in kitchen cupboards or the back garden. Make your own facepaint in minutes, whip up a batch of oozy slime, create clouds of colour with rainbow rice and so much more.

Sisters Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener have created Recipes for Play for parents who want to encourage tactile learning but don’t want their lives to be controlled by chaos. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions for setting activities up and simple steps to clean up once the fun in finished.

Welcome your child to a wonderful world of colour, texture, creativity and imagination.

abouttheauthorsWriter Rachel Sumner and designer Ruth Mitchener are sisters. They have very different skills but share their interests in children and communication. Their creative process is very collaborative, and they share a passion for excellence in content and detail. Sometimes Rachel gets a bit bossy because she is older, but Ruth is normally right.

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Recipes for Play is available through your local bookstore. If they don’t have it in stock, then just ask, and I’m sure that they will be happy to get it in for you! You can also purchase it online here, here and here.